Corporate Social Responsibility – Advisory Services

Operating your organization efficiently and responsibly is the default expectation in any society. Corporate strategy, good governance, quality product development, fair HR policies, sales activities and the myriad of other elements that make up the running of a business towards generating a profit. Your team and all stakeholders may feel proud of their results. But what’s missing?

Is your Organization doing more than just driving for success? Many organization are engaged in performing some Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, but is it for real? Or is it just a token action that’s not really making an impact on anyone? When you’re ready to get real and take this seriously, we can help guide you towards being a positive, effective and lasting impact on your community and beyond.

The focus of a typical company’s CSR strategy revolves around financial donations. This may be a generous and even sacrificial gesture, but have you considered evolving from simply donating to community causes to turning your CSR efforts into a strategic imperative that helps drive value for the Organization, your shareholders and society at large? Impact real lives through your Organization.

Our CSR Advisory Services help you to select worthy and vetted charitable needs, locally and globally. Select a project that your staff will grab onto and give of their personal time and resources. We help you get connected; engage experientially; monitor and measure success; and see the lives of other impacted for good!

Local: Feed hungry children: engage in local school breakfast programs.
Volunteer by providing solar panels on new Habitat homes. Even participate in actually building a home.

Peru:     The Street Boys of Peru are abandoned by their parents in the big city of Lima. This typically happens between the ages of 5 and 14. Just left alone to fend for themselves and the realities are horrific. Building trust for them is a major challenge but there are tremendous local groups available to help them. There are many ways to get your Organization involved as these boys need schooling, food and shelter.

India:     Free the bonded laborers. Basically this is legalized slave labor. Someone falls into debt and can’t pay back the lender. So they and their entire family become “bonded” until they can pay. This means they live at the mercy of their master, usually in hard labor camp conditions. All family members including children as young as 4 years old. The good news there are local groups that have a system for freeing these families and giving them an opportunity at a new life. Services include schooling for the kids; job training (teach a man to fish); medical services; and so much more. CSR projects such as this are especially effective for Organizations that have offshore offices to which their staff travel.